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Arizona Tenants Advocates.

1200 West 6th Street
Tempe, AZ 85281
(480) 557- 8905
Arizona Tenants Advocates (ATA) provides education, guidance and aggressive advocacy for residential tenants. We help prevent and alleviate problems of residential tenants, offering free telephone counselling that includes community and legal referrals.

Our counsellors have experience since 1993, prompting numerous improvements in local ordinances and state law. We specialize in helping tenants lawfully "break their leases" while recovering deposits.

Created & operated by Ken Volk
Arizona's Premiere Tenant Activist since 1993
"The renters' agitator...dedicated" - New Times
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• Thorough Work for Much Less than an Attorney
• Most Cases Terminate in 20 Days
• Limited Attorney Representation - Subject to Conditions